Valley VC has conceptualized and put in development an interactive, web and mobile app naming it “JETSE” (JETSE APP) and has acquired the intellectual property domain JETSE.COM and other domains relative to the mobile app. The trademarked name “JETSE “ is a mobile social commerce payments app in development with an electronic wallet (eWallet)

 JET CASH® is a group of featured wallet services in the Jetse app. (the Jetse app is in development)

Valley VC Limited the company was formed by Silicon Venture Partners and has its primary business address on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale Florida. In furtherance of the company’s description, Valley VC Limited is an interactive media, communications and entertainment company for the mobile world and was formed to be in the business of producing mobile commerce – communication applications, game applications and digital media / entertainment products.

Jeffrey Pollitt is a Internet Technologies Specialist focusing on apps, websites and content for connected devices. His expertise includes extreme search engine/app store optimization and application engineering orientated towards user experience. His skill levels include mobile app and web design engineering. His formal education includes computer science, visual communications, and business administration. He coordinates the systems analysis, design, construction and deployment of scalable interactive web and mobile applications. With the Mobile App build team Jeffrey is the primary hands-on coordinator and app architect responsible for bringing the app to market

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