The company Valley VC Limited Inc. formed its wholly owned subsidiary JETSE INC. (a Florida Corporation) to hold and operate its first product “JETSE”. Jetse Inc. is formed to operate the Jetse mobile app and Jetse owned business divisions. The trademarked name “JETSE “ is a mobile social commerce payments app in development with an electronic wallet (eWallet)

 JET CASH® and PRIVIBOX® are featured services in the Jetse app.

Jetse Inc. the company was formed by Valley VC Limited Inc. and has its primary business address on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Jetse Management and Production: Jetse Product Management – responsible for strategy, requirements documents, making sure the product is built to specification, and that it succeeds in the marketplace. Jetse Software Engineering – planning how the app will get built, implementation and programming of the application. Jetse Quality Assurance (QA) – testing for bugs. Assurance that engineering has done its job correctly. Jetse Release Management – responsible for keeping the code repository in order. Code sign and releasing the Jetse App online ( and to the Apple iTunes and Google Play App stores.

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