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The principal founders being individuals (founding principles) and in a Partnership have structured the business and the business investment as a common stock corporation in the State of Florida, United States. 

The founding principles consist of Silicon Venture Partners and Jeffrey Pollitt who are the initial founders, conceptualizers and producers of the Mobile Social Commerce Communication Applications that are the business products. 

This corporate structure is organized with a view to becoming a public trading corporation and or being acquired post launch of JETSE, the company’s first mobile social commerce application product. 

Jetse will be launched on Apple iOS, Google Android OS platforms (mobile phones) and the Internet Web ( 

The first mobile app that the company is producing is the “Jetse” App. The company has acquired JETSE.COM and is acquiring additional intellectual property for branding mobile apps in production prior to launch. 

The trademarked name “JETSE “ is a mobile social commerce payments app in development with an electronic wallet (eWallet)

 JET CASH® and PRIVIBOX® are featured services in the Jetse app.

General Description of Business: The Company’s business is the conceptualization, production and bringing to market mobile social commerce and communication applications for the worldwide public to use on mobile phones. 

Each mobile phone app will be launched with a corresponding website version deployed on the Internet. Each mobile application is wholly owned by the company or its subsidiary and is operated with high profit-making business objectives. 

The mobile applications will be scalable having the ability for millions of people worldwide to join and make use of.